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Get Your Freight Back on Track!


  • Is the most fuel-efficient form of ground transport
  • Is 3+ times more fuel efficient than trucks
  • Can transport 1 container on top of another, transporting 2 for the cost of 1
  • Can transport the equivalent of 500 trucks
  • Has vibration levels of less than half of an over the road truck
  • Transports 1 ton of freight 483 miles on 1 gallon of fuel


The Environmental Protection Agency calculates that for distances of more than 1,000 miles, a system in which trucks haul containers only as far as the nearest railhead and then transfer them to a train produces a 65 percent reduction in both fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. As the volume of freight is expected to increase by 57 percent between 2000 and 2020, the potential economic and environmental benefits of such an intermodal system will go higher and higher. Railroads are also potentially very labor efficient. Even in the days of the object-lesson train, when brakes had to be set manually and firemen were needed to stoke steam engines, a five-man crew could easily handle a fifty-car freight train, doing the work of ten times as many modern long-haul truckers; today, that efficiency is multiplied.